Dairy Girl Network

I’m a volunteer in the Dairy Girl Network Press Corps. Where I help with promotional materials, usually webinar summaries, under short deadline. 


Note: This is an ongoing project and will be updated as needed. Last update 1/22/22.




brand aesthetic

woman in white dress shirt and blue denim jeans standing beside black and white cow

The Client

Dairy Girl Network (DGN) is a non-profit dedicated to helping women in the dairy industry through community. They provide resources to everyone from farmers to women in corporate offices. And they do it through webinars, resource lists, community and networking events, and conferences.


Use my skills to help further the Dairy Girl Network mission.

Write content with quick turn around to provide resources.

Help where needed! (As much of volunteer work is.)

I got involved with Dairy Girl Network through some mutual connections with some of the women on the Board of Directors. Since moving to the Midwest I have a desire to help farmers and in agriculture and learn where my food comes from. When the call went out in early 2020 for Press Crops. Volunteers I jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand to these tenacious women. 

This isn’t my normal branding or huge involved projects, but I’m proud of the content I’ve helped them with. 

Process & Challenges

When I’m doing a project for Dairy Girl Network it’s usually a really quick turn around. I’ll get the webinar recording and have to listen back and do a full write up within 3-7 days depending on what day of the week the webinar was on. A lot of it I don’t totally understand because I’m not a dairy farmer! So sometimes I have to do research on what they’re talking about so I can write about it with context. 

I also do some other work for Dairy Girl Network, like volunteering in their family room at World Dairy Expo where I make sure women and families with kids have what they need to help them get through the conference with more comfort. 


Overall, I’m proud of what I do, no matter how small, for Dairy Girl Network and I look up to the women I’ve met through the program. 

Note: Not all posts I’ve written are linked here as some of them are not yet posted. 

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