Dorothy DeLong

This web design project was part of a fictional concept prompt. I was given the concept, photos, and copy and was asked to make a design comp for a one page portfolio site for a photographer. I did this design in Adobe XD. 



brand aesthetic

The Client

Dorothy DeLong is a feminist photographer who travels the country capturing women doing amazing things. She’s photographed everything from the #MeToo movement to protests for the environment and pay equality. Up until now she’s been using Facebook to show off her photography and now she wants to upgrade to a one page portfolio site.


One page website design

To entice magazines to buy her work

A comprehensive portfolio for ease of sharing with museums and galleries

creative choices


Typography was fun for this one. I wanted it to have movement because a lot of her pictures are candid and have stellar movement. I went with a sans-serif for most of the headings, but made it a unique design. I liked how this wasn’t a standard sans-serif font and it made the site pop. To balance it out I did a basic serif font so the site wouldn’t look too cluttered 


I picked a pink, monochrome theme for Dorothy to really drive home the feminist aspect of her work.


Dorothy’s photo portfolio as well as her logo were given to me to work on this project.

Process & Challenges

To do this project I created a paper wireframe then uploaded it into Adobe XD. Form there, I created a digital wireframe and my design comp with Dorothy’s images and copywriting. I checked with the client and then made some adjustments and sent the final comp.

web design icon


Dorothy DeLong Paper Wireframe


Dorothy DeLong Site Design

Final Thoughts

Overall, as my first time making a formal wireframe and website design, I’m pretty proud of how this came out. I learned a lot about Adobe XD and a industry standard web design process. I’m really happy with the branding and the colors and I think it represents this client’s brand and looks dynamic on the page. 


If the project continued I would create mobile pages and social media branding to match. I would definitely recommend this client be active on Instagram because of her target demographic. I’d make icons for her Instagram story feed that match this branding and flesh out business cards for her to leave at galleries and pass out at events she shoots so people can see her work after. I would also recommend she sort her work by even since she shoots a lot of protests.