Follow the Moon

Follow the Moon is an indie art label out of Massachusetts run by Jacquelyn Anne. Se was looking for business cards for when she displays her art so she can begin selling her paintings and prints. 



brand aesthetic

Follow the Moon Mockups

The Client

Follow the Moon is a local art label in Massachusetts run by Jackie, who happens to be my cousin. She has a couple of art opportunities coming up and was looking for a good business card design. She did present me with her own mock-up that she made kind of fooling around with design software and I took a lot of the elements and made them more cohesive.


Business Cards to hand out at art events and gallery shows.

Cohesive branding that keeps her whimsical feel and personality.

New logo to help with branding.

I took her original mock-up and liked a lot of the elements but felt it was too busy. She had a gradient background that I really liked but it was hard to read on, as well as little cat, star, and moon silhouettes that I felt spoke to her art but make the card feel too busy. So I combined them into a logo. 

creative choices

Original Concept

Jackie's Rough Design
This was Jackie's original concept that she created. I felt it was too busy/hard to read and wound up combining a lot of these elements into a custom logo design.


I liked the script font she used in her original concept and felt it kept the look and feel we wanted, so I chose one from Google fonts that has a free commercial license as well as a serif and a sans-serif font. I chose free licenses to keep her costs as low as possible.


I pulled colors directly from her original concept as well as her artwork. I kept the pinks and purples as they keep the creative feel but grounded them with some greys. I also took the golden yellow she was trying to use for a font color that was too hard to read and experimented with it as a background color instead.

Process & Challenges

Adobe InDesign Icon
Consulting Icon



I made 5.5 designs for Jackie (one is the same design with two images swapped) and she hasn’t decided which one is her favorite. She loves them all and the logo brings her look and feel into a seamless icon that’s included on all of the cards. It kept the whimsical, artistic feel without being too cluttered or hard to read.



I did a small edit a few weeks after the design was handed over because she changed her Instagram handle as she irons out her brand details.

New Logo

Follow the Moon Logo


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed doing this project for Jackie. I had a lot of fun working with the more artistic designs and playing with the brighter colors. I learned how to do gradients and got to play with a few things I don’t normally do in Adobe Illustrator to make her logo. I was given a pretty open ended brief and am really happy she likes all the designs.